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Art at the Berchielli

Hotel Berchielli and its passion for art

Florence is a magical city of fine art that reveals itself to us in every corner of the old town, surprising and delighting the traveller and giving him a sense of belonging that is distinctly perceived even in the elegant spaces of the Hotel Berchielli, which loves to show its guests all the charm and history of this vintage Florentine palazzo.

A fascinating collection of fashion figurines, now donated to the Textile Museum of Prato, was displayed for decades at the Hotel Berchielli: over one hundred downsized models representing trends in haute couture from the mid-nineteenth to the first early twentieth century, figurines featuring a sophisticated draping technique.
A unique collection that allows you to perceive the close bond between our charming residence in the centre of Florence and the different forms of art that have made the capital of Tuscany one of the undisputed capitals of elegance and culture. Some of the figurines are still in the hotel in some guest rooms and common areas: the Hotel Berchielli offers art lovers surprises at every turn.