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The Roof Garden

The views of Florence from the Berchielli

The views from the building’s main façade offers guests an enchanting panorama of the rooftops of Florence, while priceless views of the Piazza del Limbo and the ancient Church of the Holy Apostles can be enjoyed from rooms at the side. But it is when you go up to the 4th-floor garden of the hotel that you will discover the real charm of Berchielli.

You will be enthralled as you gaze out over the breathtaking views of the roofs of the old town as the sun sets and you will be mesmerized by the evening lights as they twinkle down from the top of Piazzale Michelangelo to illuminate the sober lines of Pitti Palace, the elegant rooms of our 4-star hotel and the entire centre of Florence, wrapping each building and historic monument in a soft and unforgettable embrace.