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Hotel four star in Florence

Hotel near Congress Center Florence

If you’re planning a day at the Convention Center in Florence, Hotel Berchielli offers you the opportunity to stay very close to the Convention Center Complex where they hold private events and congresses making our hotel one of the pearls of the Tuscan capital who has been welcoming its visitors and guests since 1890 in a city filled with the most illustrious people like Pablo Picasso and Romain Rolland who have in fact stayed in the rooms of Hotel Berchielli.

No other hotel four star in Florence is near the Congress Center, nor can they say they have welcomed famous illustrious people, which by reserving in Hotel Berchielli you will find out the pleasure of being welcomed with class, elegance and professionalism that throughout the years our staff has learned how to grow to maintain the elegance required by our hotel.

From the Convention Center in Florence to Hotel Berchielli is about a fifteen minute delightful walk along the magnificent streets of the historic center of the Tuscan capital making this a strategic position that will make you live a different experience as a tourist with a very short distance walk from the Hotel near Congress Center Florence and from all kind of events, monuments, or historic sights.