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Hotel in the center of Florence

Hotel downtown Florence

If you are in search of a hotel downtown Florence and you haven’t yet decided on what is better for you, don’t loose the opportunity of staying at the hotel of your dreams and making a reservation to stay at Hotel Berchielli that thanks to its incredible position two steps away from Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signora will make our hotel be your private living room before heading anywhere else during your stay.

You will have the opportunity of heading out of the hotel and walk straight into the historic center of Florence looking over the river Arno and continuously living and breathing the art and architecture that surrounds you and Berchielli Hotel.

With your back towards the lobby of Hotel Berchielli head to start walking towards the center to realize in a few minutes that our hotel is almost a natural extension of the center of Florence. The elegance of its furniture and the architecture that surrounds the hotel makes Hotel Berchielli a splendid additional piece that adds beauty to the city of Florence and that will directly guide you into the wonders Florence has to offer making it one of the most popular places in the Tuscan capital.