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Hotel Lungarno Florence

Hotel in the centre of Florence

Reserve a room at Hotel Berchielli on Lungarno Florence an eye opening to all visitors giving its guests the beauty of its view together with the centuries history Florence has to offer. The magnificent stage scenery is however necessary tand Berchielli Hotel, Hotel in the centre of Florence offers you that particularly surrounding you with tranquility and everything elese at the right distance.

The Hotel Berchielli located in Lungarno Florence has been there for over one hundred and twenty years; it welcomes its guests in a refined and elegant atmosphere where you can still breath the air of old-style hospitality, which is considered a most when choosing a hotel with a beautiful view over Arno in Florence.

Choose to stay in a hotel in Lungarno Florence is the first step towards an amazing and unforgettable travel experience that goes beyond a simple visit to the famous city of art, Hotel Berchielli will be your ideal partner to discover the extraordinary Florence, an exploration that can start from the moment you wake up and look out your window to admire the magnificent view and ending in the streets of Florence which will bring your memory back on time.