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Hotel Ponte Vecchio

Hotel in Tuscany: special offers for your vacation

By reserving one of the rooms at hotel Berchielli near Ponte Vecchio, Florence with its historic center and picturesque setting during the evening in particular you will discover the discreet charm of Florence history and see the city transformed into a private and romantic place together with a romantic hotel, Florence will welcome you and paper you in a warm embrace.

A hotel in Ponte Vecchio Florence is actually the most particular in the Tuscan area offering you to spend your best holidays with your partner or family: if you decide ahead of time and if you are bale to book your room in advance you can choose one of the beautiful rooms overlooking the Lungarno Acciaiuoli river in our Hotel Berchielli to enjoy a romantic scenery for only you and your loved one.

Do not hesitate to book a room at Hotel Berchielli near Ponte Vecchio in Tuscany, Florence for your entire stay to spend a fantastic time with care and attention from our host and management whom are always very careful and paying attention to all details tin order to pamper and satisfy your needs in this romantic hotel in Florence.