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Hotel with a view in Florence

4 star hotel in Firenze Tuscany

Hotel Berchielli, use to be an old palace overlooking the Arno river Acciaiuoli, now a hotel that offers its guests the opportunity to stay in a place that gives you the most unique view of Florence without leaving from Piazza della Signoria and from that center which is one of the reasons visitors choose to spend their holidays in the Tuscan capital.

The normal search of a hotel with a view in Florence is often very limited and difficult leaving you with neighboring and hilly areas making it more difficult after for you to visit the city and the wonders of the artistic heritage of center which from hotel Berchielli is only a five minute walk from Ponte Vecchio giving you the ability to combine a magnificent unique view with a strategic location that allows you to arrive everywhere by just walking.

Looking outside from our Suite room 514 at Berchielli is the perfect definition of hotel that overlooks Florence. The view you get is incomparable to any other starting from a glimpse of Ponte Vecchio that makes you feel inside of a postcard scene and this feeling is only possible from our hotel that submerges you in the air and history of the historic center of Florence which will afterwards reflect upon your initial decision of staying at Berchielli Hotel.