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Hotel offer Florence

4 star hotel in Tuscany - special offers

Explore with attention our many offers in the Hotel in the center of Florence, Hotel Berchielli offers you: discover the different opportunities to award yourself a luxurious stay with extremely competitive prices. You will hardly find a Hotel in Florence that offers you what our historic hotel on the Lungarno Acciaiuoli can offer to you.

The history and elegance offered by Hotel Berchielli are not comparable to others: in top of its history and its splendid palace that survived the bombings of the Second World War are the least of what awaits you, take advantage of our prices that are incomparable for your stay.

Let Hotel Berchielli in Florence convince you on our best deals are not linked to a second-class accommodation and that different environments will satisfy your desire for luxury and well-being by just booking the room of your choice and enjoy and exceptional stay in the Tuscan capital.